Pick it up!: Lee County dog owners caught on camera leaving poo could face big fines

It’s a responsibility if you are a dog owner: cleaning up after your pet.

But some people around Lee County don’t seem to be doing it, and it can cost you!

It’s a sight no one wants to see or, certainly, step in.

A dog owner is supposed to clean up after their dog’s mess, but if it doesn’t happen, is there anything we can do about it?

“You can take a picture of a dog pooping,” said dog owner, Julia Seiple.

And that’s exactly what you should do. In Lee County, if you take a picture or video of a dog owner failing to clean up after a dog, that evidence can be held against the owner.

It may seem excessive, but to some, it’s an annoyance they want to go away.

“No one wants to step in it. Keep off the grass,” said dog owner, Nicholas Romero.

“It’s annoying for the neighborhood and it’s also an eyesore if you’re walking a dog or stepping in it,” said dog owner, Jamie Ward.

Good dog owners say not cleaning gives them a bad name.

“If a lot of people think it’s a big deal, then we are going to have an issue. So it’s good that they’re trying to stop it now and prevent it from being a bad issue,” said Romero.

So what happens if you get caught on camera?

A first offense could cost you up to $150, second offense up to $250 and a third offense warrants a mandatory court appearance and a possible $500 fine.

“Most of the time, you hit people in the pocket and it wakes them up, you know, when you take money away from people,” said Ward.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to watch every step?

“I just feel like if everybody would just pick up after their dog, then we wouldn’t have to be here right now,” said Ward.

Dog owners: If you want to avoid the fine, pick up the poo-poo, and toss it in the trash!

Lee County has an ongoing educational campaign about pet waste called “Do Your Duty.” You can learn more about that by clicking here.

For more information about the county’s ordinance on pet waste, click here.

Reporter:Nicole Gabe
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