Beach restoration project in Collier County begins Wednesday

A major restoration project begins for three popular beaches in Collier County, and the county is trucking in sand to Clam Pass, North Park Shore, and Park Shore Beaches.

Wednesday morning, you can actually see crews moving sand, and they will be adding about 165,000 tons of sand to the three areas.

It’s all apart of a project the county is working on to help with sand erosion. Workers will add sand to Clam Pass, North Park Shore and Shore Beaches.

Commissioners voted to spend $3.5-million to keep the beaches resilient in the case of a major storm. While workers continue to add the sand to the beaches, it may affect your commute.

Some 80 trucks a week will travel down Immokalee Road to bring in the sand, and parts of the beach will be blocked off with these barriers.

Some beach goers who talked to WINK News say they have already noticed more congestion.

“We saw them further up on the first entrance of the beach so we decided we’d go to the next one…they’re not in anybody’s way they’re just there and you don’t take any notice of them really,” said Edel Fitzgerald, who was visiting the beach.

Crews are expected to be finished with the beach restoration project by the new year.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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