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More companies turning to the 4-day work week to entice new employees, report finds

With unemployment at historic lows, many companies around the country are attracting employees with all kinds of perks.

One that’s gaining popularity: the four-day work week.

A report from the Society for Human Resource Management reveals 27% of companies nationwide are offering employees the option to work four 10-hour days, instead of the traditional five eight-hour days.

Many say the trend has boosted morale in the workplace.

“People like having Friday off and I find myself that by the time Saturday rolls around all the stuff I wanted to get done is already done on Friday and you’ve really got more of your weekend to enjoy,” Bernie Veldman, the CEO of Surestep/Transcend.

Other trends gaining popularity include the ability to work from home and (the always popular) unlimited vacation time!

Author: CBSNewYork
Writer:WINK News
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