Body found in Cape Coral is missing Diane Ruiz, family confirms

Cape Coral police say they have located a body in the woods only blocks away from the place where missing Diane Ruiz worked.

Police say they cannot yet confirm the identity of the body but there are “characteristics and similarities” to Ruiz.

However, family say they have been contacted by police and confirmed it is she, wearing the same clothes she went to work in, a blue Moose Lodge shirt.


Cape Coral police said from the start of the search, they suspected foul play was at hand.

Ruiz’s death has also been connected to the death investigation of Kristine Melton along Tudor Drive, also in Cape Coral.

”A lot of man hours and time is being put into both of these,” Sgt. Patrick O’Grady said. “And they’re both being taken very seriously. We have also used outside resources.”

Police won’t release the name of the person of interest in both of these investigations at this time.

Nearby where the body was found, police cars and helicopters have been flying overhead since Tuesday. It was a strong indicator for neighbors of what investigators might find.

“I knew it was more than them just looking for speeders on this street, you know?” said Linda Miller, who lives near where the body was found. “And so, just put two and two together.”

Still, even with a person of interest in custody, people in the neighborhood are worried their loved ones could become the next victim – especially when they are walking to the bus stop early in the morning.

“Pretty intense and a real situation,” Brandon Wheelock said. “And, you know, I got a 3-year-old at home. It can be nerve-wracking.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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