Naples considering new requirements for restaurant outdoor seating

The ability to eat outdoors in public year-round is just one of the attractive aspects for people living and visiting Southwest Florida. Now, the city council in Naples is looking to add what could become constraints for eateries looking to offer outdoor seating options for patrons.

City of Naples is considering more requirements for restaurant permitting, one area being added structure for allowing outdoor dining spaces.

“We think everyone wants to sit outside,” said Diane Halmi in Naples. “That’s why they are here. Naples is beautiful, especially downtown Naples.”

The city said it’s receiving increasing demands to extend outdoor dining areas.

Most of the petitions for outdoor dining are approved by one person. But the council wants to be more involved to make sure everyone follows the rules. The council also brought up parking issues when it comes to extending outdoor spaces.

Residents and businesses are OK with that.

“If they go out into the street, the city should have something to say,” David Etterbeek said.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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