Hendry County deputies get SWAT training in Immokalee

From busting a door down to flying in a helicopter, Hendry County deputies received SWAT tactical training to improve their ability to keep members of the public safe.

Hendry County Sheriff’s Office received hands-on training at the Counter Terrorism Advanced Training Center in Immokalee Tuesday.

“The key to success in any operation is training, training, training,” Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden said.

The SWAT team at the facility trained deputies in airborne use of force (AUF) and guarding a motorcade of VIPs from the air among other drills.

“We’re focusing on our SWAT training, our entry techniques for high risk search warrants, raids,” Whidden said. “Anything that requires a specialized unit.”

Part of that training means getting into areas quickly to save lives, so teams practiced blowing open doors.

“On a day-to-day basis, it allows us to safely and effectively apprehend criminals who are wanted for felonies or serious crimes,” Whidden said. “Again, this team is a specialized unit that goes in and gets the real bad guys.”

It’s repetitive, and it’s hard work for the team. But Whidden knows it needs to be done.

“We will keep doing it, and we will continue to keep the citizens of Hendry county safe,” Whidden said.

Reporter:Rich Kolko
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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