Superheroes give lifesaving generator to family whose child depends on it

After we reported about a family, whose child relies on lifesaving machines daily, local superheroes came to the rescue of a Charlotte County family to give them exactly what they needed in case the power were to go out.

The group, Heroes Unmasked, provided a family with a power generator, so their son, Judah, who must be connected to lifesaving machines while he sleeps, doesn’t have to worry about a power outage taking away the technology he needs.

Heroes Unmasked aids sick children and appear in public dressed in costumes as real-life superheroes.

We originally reported about Judah and his family earlier during the 2019 hurricane season. Judah’s family had to think about evacuation plans like anyone else, but they also needed to ensure Judah never went without power to his crucial machines during his sleep.

With the gifted generator from Heroes Unmasked, Judah and his family have some comfort he will always be able to power his machines.

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