Coach Carter, portrayed in 2005 film, shares life lessons in Fort Myers

Coach Ken Carter paid Southwest Florida a visit this weekend. Yes. The basketball coach portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson in a major motion picture.

Coach Carter visited New Hope Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers Saturday to give his presentation on 12 steps to success.

He also shared a little bit about Mr. Jackson with us and how he felt about the actor’s portrayal of him in the 2005 film.

“Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, in 4 months of shooting “Coach Carter,” never stumbled on one single line,” Carter told WINK Sports. “And, not only did he know all his lines, he knew everyone else’s lines on the set. He has a photographic memory. He is truly the best actor, period.”

“Coach Carter” was based on true events in 1999 at Richmond High School in California. Carter was turning around a losing basketball program. In the process, Carter also benched his basketball team for poor grades the players earned. He wanted to stress to his players excellence was expected from them off the court as well.

Carter is no longer coaching basketball, but he continues to help young people in life. Carter said he doesn’t care for the term “at-risk kids” because he says all kids are at risk.

“Listen, I will always be a coach, and I take that personally and proudly,” Carter said. “What people really have to move kids forward is that they have to understand they don’t get paid by the hour. They will be getting paid by the value they bring to the hour, so they’ve got to continually bring great value.”

Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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