Khyler Edman, teen who died protecting his sister, to be honored today

Today the community will honor Khyler Edman, the young hero teen who died defending his sister during a burglary last week.

News of Khylers final selfless act has spread far and wide around the world, where even a British news outlet picked up the story.

In just hours hundreds of people will gather to remember Khyler Edman, a former JROTC Cadet, whose death has had a real impact on students in the community.

“I don’t know him but I’m still going to go and pay my respects. It’s something that I want to do,” JROTC Cadet, Timothy Thiel said.

In Khylers obituary it says he was known for his unselfishness, always putting others first. That is exactly what he did that day when he was protecting his little sister.

So many people have come forward to help Khylers family and to honor him. One group, The Patriot Riders of America will be escorting Khylers family from the funeral home to the cemetery.

We spoke with them who tell us in their many years of doing this, they have never escorted somebody as young as Khyler.

“This is a very unique situation I can’t remember and all the escorts we’ve done I can’t remember this happening and we usually do one a week,” said Patriot Rider, Mike Nichols.

The Charlotte County School District says the principal of Khylers school has met with the student government for what they can do to honor Khyler.

The service will start Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. and his family asks everyone to wear his favorite color green.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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