Sharon Gill. (Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)
Sharon Gill. (Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

Cold Case Team makes new developments in Sharon Gill homicide

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Team said Thursday it has made a shift in its focus on suspects and found a new DNA profile in the 1990 Sharon Gill homicide.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the CCSO Cold Case Team has made a shift in its focus from the previous suspect, Shawn Malsky, and is examining other individuals in the Deep Creek homicide in 1990 of Sharon Gill.

Malsky was initially arrested for the crime. Even though charges were dropped, detectives state that until a person has been charged and convicted, all potential suspects remain potential suspects, according to a CCSO press release.

Evidence collected from the scene was submitted for additional DNA examination. As a result of the new testing, a previously undiscovered DNA profile was developed, per the release. Further testing is still required to determine how this new DNA profile may assist in solving this case.

The Cold Case Team detectives are always seeking more information on their cases. If you have any information, please call 941-575-5361 during business hours; after-hours, contact 941-639-2101. They can also be reached by email at [email protected] or through the “Submit a Tip” function on its mobile app.

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