Historic building demolished in Downtown Fort Myers

Wednesday morning roads were closed around the demolition of a historic building in Downtown Fort Myers.

A 119-year-old building on 1st Street right across from Ford’s Garage was demolished overnight, and now sits just an empty lot.

The building was infested with termites and many told WINK News the building needed to go, but some actually fought the demolition and wanted to delay it, saying they wanted to preserve the historic building.

Other say they didn’t want a gaping hole in the middle of downtown, especially with season right around the corner.

Regardless, many took to the streets to watch the demolition happen, and witnesses say it was pretty cool to witness and they are excited to see what comes in its place.

“It’s really cool that it’s very historic… it was built very well obviously, and it is weird watching it come down but at the same time its captivating.. its thrilling,” Fort Myers resident Sean Iemma said.

The road around the demolition has since reopened.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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