Second phase of texting and driving crackdown begins Tuesday

As of midnight on Tuesday, texting and driving laws got even tougher if you are caught using your phone behind the wheel in certain areas.

Police are taking their enforcement up a notch and telling drivers they need to put the phone down in a school or work zone, or you will get pulled over.

“Oh my gosh you could just run right over them it takes seconds just seconds and they’re gone you know life is too too short for that,” Cape Coral resident, Susan Greyson said.

Since the texting and driving law was enacted in July until early September, Florida Highway Patrol has pulled over close to 550 people for distracted driving.

Police are now happy the second part of the law has gone into effect in hopes that drivers will keep focused on the road in areas where people walk around often, like school zones.

Cape Coral police say on top of using cell phones, drivers are also notorious for speeding in these areas, and both can be a deadly combination.

“School zones are very important…kids do not follow the rules all the time like an adult would, kids are running between cars to get to school blah blah blah… obviously if you’re holding your phone and not paying attention to your vehicle movement, even at a slower speed you still won’t have that reaction time and we don’t want any kids to get hit or hurt,” Master Sgt. Bran Chenault of Cape Coral police said.

As of now you will only be given a warning if you’re holding your phone in these zones but starting in January they will be ticketing for it.

As far as texting and driving, Cape police say you can get hit with a ticket for $160 if you are caught.



Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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