How far would Khyler’s Law, named after slain Port Charlotte teen, apply?

Khyler Edman’s Port Charlotte neighbor wants to introduce a law aimming at cracking down on habitual offenders as the man accused of killing the teenager was arrested over 20 times in less than 10 years.

Lance Dunford, a criminal defense attorney at the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey in Fort Myers, said Khyler’s Law should work for violent offenders.

However, Lance notes every case is different. For instance, the suspect in Khyler’s murder had over 20 previous arrests, which Lance said is plenty for the average person. But, not so much for a drug addict or someone kicked out of their home at a young age, who does not have a support system to rely on.

“It would be a shame to fill up our jails with people who have committed misdemeanor petty offenses,” Lance said.

Shawn Kolanda, who was the slain teen’s neighbor, is in the beginning stages of proposing the law, which would make sure habitual offenders with 10 or more charges in Florida are permanently off the streets.

“He’s missed by everyone that he touched,” Shawn said. “He was such a gentle soul.”

Parents told WINK News that if the proposed legislation saves even one life, it is worth making it into law. It is absurd that families cannot relax in their own homes without worrying about becoming a victim in a heinous crime.

“As a community,” Eri Goldman said, “we should do something about it to change this law and make it harder for people to not just roaming the streets.”

The Goldman family said they are ready to back up the Edman family.

“There is really no need for anybody to commit that many crimes,” Eri said.

“The law should say, ‘No, you shouldn’t get away with it!'” Avi Goldeman said.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
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