Documents detail events leading up to Dr. Teresa Sievers’ murder

Prosecutors say Mark Sievers hired Curtis Wayne Wright to kill his wife Teresa. Then Wright tapped Jimmy Rodgers to help.

Pulling off a crime like this isn’t easy, and they left a lot of clues behind.

In their interviews with detectives, Wright and Rodgers both denied even being in Florida when Teresa Sievers was murdered in cold blood.

What they didn’t know, was a GPS on their rental car tracked their every step from Missouri to Florida and back.

On Saturday, June 27, Wright left his house in Hillsborough, Missouri, around 7 a.m to pick up Rodgers half an hour away in Cadet.

Less than 24 hours later, they arrived at Teresa’s home in Bonita Springs. She wasn’t home.

Later that morning, GPS and video surveillance shows the duo at the Walmart on Six Mile Cypress Parkway.

Court documents show they used cash to buy:

  • A lock pick
  • Trash bags
  • Wipes
  • Black shoes
  • Towels
  • And a backpack.

At that same time, the victim, Teresa Sievers was coming back from a family vacation in Connecticut.

She texted her husband Mark Sievers around 11 p.m. to tell him she made it home.

Court documents claim Mark “Was involved in the planning and subsequent execution of her murder.”

The court documents describe a grizzly crime scene staged to look like a burglary.

Rodger’s girlfriend told detectives about a disturbing conversation:

GIRLFRIEND: I said did you shoot her? And he said no and I said then how did you kill her and he made a stupid little chuckle that he does and then said with a hammer.

DETECTIVE: He said with a hammer?




Dr. Sievers had life insurance policies totaling $4.4 million, but Rodgers told his girlfriend Mark Sievers “Hired Wayne Wright to drive to Florida and kill Teresa for insurance money,” documents show.

Detectives say Wright offered Rodgers: “$10,000 for helping him while down there.”

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