SWFL families remember lives taken too soon at Clemente Park in Fort Myers

On the week of National Day of Remembrance, families in Southwest Florida came together to support each other this weekend for having experiencing the unthinkable — the murder of their children.

The Fort Myers Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children hosted a ceremony at Roberto Clemente Park in Fort Myers Saturday to remember their children, who were killed.

The parents in the Fort Myers chapter have leaned on each other after losing their children. They use this day of remembrance to strengthen their bond and reflect on their children’s lives.

The event launched with a walkathon fundraiser for group activities such as traveling to other parents who have lost their children.

Families arrived at the event wearing customized shirts with pictures of their loved ones.

Yolando Wilson remembered her son at the event, reflecting on who he was as an individual.

“He was a good boy. He would do anything he could to help anybody, didn’t really get in any trouble. That was my baby,” Wilson said. “We could use all the comforting we could get and have somebody there for us to help us along the way and to just show your support.”

Parents we spoke to said they want people at home to remember their children’s lives for more than just their deaths.

The group is not limited to parents of children who were murdered. They say the group is open to anyone.

Reporter:Sydney Persing
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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