Lingering construction on Burnt Store Road aggravating drivers

Steps to make a road safer has drivers frustrated as construction lingers on along Burnt Store Road.

Aggressive drivers and accidents are two things Burnt Store Road sees a lot of and some of it can be contributed to people going well over the speed limit.

“There’s too much traffic on it…they go very fast and a lot of them go over the speed limit, a lot of big trucks semi’s coming through that way, so yeah I think it needed to be widened,” said Joanne Navarre.

The construction is split up into 3 phases, the north, middle, and south. Right now the county is in the north phase, which is between Van Buren Parkway and Diplomat.

But as construction drags on, people continue to get frustrated. Some say they avoid the the road at all costs, but other drivers say we just need to grin and bear it because in the long run it will be worth it.

The final phase of the project will be the south segment that is between Tropicana and Pine Island Road, and that is expected to be done by 2023.


Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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