Karen has weakened to a depression, Lorenzo powerful Category 4 hurricane

We’re now down to two storms in the Atlantic: Tropical Storm Karen and Major Hurricane Lorenzo.

Tropical Depression Karen
As of 11 a.m. Friday morning, Karen has weakened to a tropical depression, looking very disorganized on satellite imagery. Karen will do a unique loop in the Atlantic today through the weekend, as high pressure builds in to the north and curves the storm west.

Karen is forecast to weaken more into the weekend due to increasing wind shear and dry air getting sucked into the center of circulation. Yesterday’s models were trending much weaker and that has continued throughout the past 24 hours. The National Hurricane Center has picked up on this trend, and has the storm becoming a remnant low pressure center over the next few days.

The WINK News Weather Authority team will continue to monitor the storm for any changes ahead!

Hurricane Lorenzo
As of 11 a.m. Friday morning, this powerful, major hurricane has weakened slightly, remaining a Category 4 hurricane. Lorenzo is the third major hurricane of the 2019 season, after Dorian and Humberto. Thankfully here in Florida, this storm won’t be an issue! It will curve north into the Atlantic and become a “fish” storm through the weekend into next week.

Reporter:Brittany Van Voorhees
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