Harriet, the eagle, attacked by owl while sleeping, spotted safe

Southwest Florida’s famous bird of prey was the victim of an attack.

Harriet, the eagle, was attacked at her nest by an owl in North Fort Myers Wednesday night.

“As soon as you hear something like this, your heart … breaks,” Lauren Roberts said. “And you want to run and do something.”

The live cam shows Harriet is not in her nest but was spotted safe in the west pasture near it Thursday. The night before, Harriet was knocked off her branch by an owl while she was sleeping.

Lauren Roberts knew the only thing she could do after hearing about Harriet was show up.

“We just wanted to check to see if we could see her,” Roberts said.

Roberts and her husband went to her nest site and spotted her near it.

“I was crying but I’m not crying now because I see her,” Roberts said. “Looks like a couple of feathers are missing, but she looks good.”

Roberts, who volunteers with Audubon Florida, said she is not shocked this particular owl launched the attack on Harriet.

“We know that great horned owl loves to be a problem here,” Roberts said.

We spoke to Liz Grindstaff , who said she also spotted Harriett. She was even able to snap some photos of her. Grindstaff said one thing confirmed she was looking at Harriet and not another eagle.

“I just heard her voice” Grindstaff said. “Her voice is undeniable. It’s very special.”

Shortly after speak to Roberts and Grindstaff, we also saw Harriet flying.

“We just want Harriet to come home and be safe,” Grindstaff said.

Reporter:Michelle Mackonochie
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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