Fort Myers Beach new mini reefs to keep marine life healthy, fight red tide

Right now, new mini reefs are helping to keep our marine environment in Fort Myers Beach healthy. Ocean Habitats installed them on Wednesday to attract fish and filter water.

A world full of possibilities is located beneath a deck. Ocean Habitats placed 20 mini reefs beneath Pink Shell Marina. Now, they serve as a home for marine life all while cleaning up our water.

Erica Brown, the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina marketing coordinator, said the goal is to clean up our environment.

“It’s the right thing to do here and we want to do everything we can,” Erica said. “Do our part to help our environment as much as we can.”

The artificial habitats will house filter feeders, which eat away at the unwanted.

The mini reef will be installation 3,000 in the State of Florida. David Wolff, president and executive director of Ocean Habitats, said these structures could filter on average 30,000 gallons of water each day.

They eat all day long,” David said. “So they’re feeding on the microorganisms that cause like red tide, blue-green algae.”

It is taking another step to protect our water in Southwest Florida.

“I just think with everything, with our water down here today,” Kevin Hall said, “anything we can do will help.”

Reporter:Nicole Gabe
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