Empty promises from unlicensed contractor

No work, no license and now, no returned calls.

After promising to refund clients, FL Hurricane Protection LLC owner Devin Dobbins of Cape Coral still hasn’t delivered. According to our records, customers are collectively owed more than $13,000.

Jan Haley of South Fort Myers hired Dobbins to install a hurricane shutter. He took $900, or fifty percent of the job in May. But after months of excuses, she contacted WINK.

“I don’t need that kind of stress,” Haley said.

Our first investigation uncovered that the license number on Dobbins’ business card isn’t a license at all. It’s an identification number related to his business filing.

To install hurricane shutters, a person either needs to be the homeowner with the proper permits and drawings or have a state or local license, which Dobbins doesn’t have.

Through court records, we found two other people who shared a similar experience to Haley. They’ve both filed lawsuits; one is pending and, one has a judgment.

After our first story aired, WINK News heard from a fourth person who says Dobbins took $8,000 and never did the work. She complained to the City of Cape Coral, and the licensing department issued Dobbins a $1,000 citation for acting as a contractor. Licensing also completed a mediation agreement between the resident and Mr. Dobbins for the return of the monies starting October 1st.

All four clients say they have yet to receive a dime and Haley just wants Dobbins to come clean.

“He could be doing something more wonderful with his family instead of bilking money out of people and leaving them stranded,” Haley said.

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Reporter:Allison Gormly
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