Employees return to work at David Lawrence Center following active shooter scare

Employees are returning to work at The David Lawrence Center following the chaotic scene yesterday when an alarm warning of an active shooter was triggered.

Late on Tuesday, deputies responded to a computerized active shooter alarm at the David Lawrence Center.

The building was put on lockdown and employees say they had to close blind’s, shut doors, and go into the hallway while deputies worked to evacuate them to a nearby church.

Deputies found no sign of an active shooter.

The next step for the DLC is to provide support for anybody that was affected by the incident.

“Our focus today is providing emotional support to our employees, our clients and our staff— to offer crisis services, employee assistance services and to have available councilors throughout the day for staff visitors and clients,” said Mary Ann Guerra, who works at David Lawrence Center.

They plan to have therapy dogs for employees at work,

Collier County Sheriff’s Office says they are continuing their investigation in to what triggered the alarm.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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