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Thieves in Cape Coral viciously attack, rob person with special needs

Cape Coral police said thieves viciously attacked, knocked out cold, then robbed a person with special needs who was walking alone to their home on Monday.

The person was the victim of a malicious attack during a harmless walk home from the Publix at 1631 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral Police Dept. said the victim was choked and mugged by three people in a barren field. The site is across the street from Cindy Posada’s home.

”It makes me feel worried,” Posada said, “because I have three kids that will usually walk to the bus stop and it just makes me feel worried.”

CCPD said the victim was punched in the face several times. The person lost consciousness during the incident. His or her “support life coach” later reported it to CCPD.

Dr. Alise Bartley, who works with the Dept. of Counseling at Florida Gulf Coast University, said having a life coach report the crime to CCPD could mean the victim needs extra help.

”This life coach could be someone who is supporting someone who needs additional support to have independent living,” Dr. Bartley said.

After the altercation with the suspects, the victim did not have their cellphone, wallet and Publix sandwich.

Karla Simpson, who lives nearby where the incident took place, said the suspects target people who appear defenseless.

“I hope they catch him,” Simpson said.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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