Jean struggles to contact missing family in the Bahamas after Dorian

A Dunbar man said his uncle and six other family members remain missing over two weeks after Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Bahamas. Now, he fears the worst.

The colorful walls at Franklin Park Elementary School serve as a pleasant distraction for custodian Jean Claude Jean.

The Haitian native has not heard from several of his relatives living in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, for over two weeks. One of them, an uncle, whom he said was more like a brother to him.

“I grew up with him,” Jean said. “We play soccer. We do everything together.”

Jean’s relatives are now among the thousands still missing under the piles of rubble caused by Dorian. His last communication was days before Dorian slammed into the islands.

“Limione, I talked to him on Saturday,” Jean said. “On Saturday before the hurricane. I tell him, ‘leave your house.’ Because they have shelter there. ‘Go to the shelter.'”

As the days pass for Jean, his hope of hearing from his family begin to fade to black. His uncle is among the 1,300 people still unaccounted. Jean prays his uncle is not added onto the already 50 confirmed deaths.

“If after 15 days they find somebody and alive,” Jean said, “I don’t think so.”

But, it is these colorful halls at work that give him strength.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
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