Friends of Tigertail Beach urge dredging of blocked lagoon

There’s a concern over the lack of water flow in and out of the lagoon at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island. Right now, water is sitting in the lagoon with no flow out to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Friends of Tigertail Beach are saying that’s a huge environmental concern that needs to be fixed sooner than later.

The organization says storms have dumped sand in and around the lagoon creating an uneven seabed that’s stopping the water flow.

Linda Colombo, president of Friends of Tigertail Beach, says nature is playing a big part and they’re trying to find a solution, “There was a beach closing at Tigertail where the bacteria level was too high. Could this happen again? It could, yes. Will we get more of it? Probably, if this doesn’t flush properly.”

Colombo warns if we don’t do something to allow water to move freely, we could see more of the same.

It’s a concern for the environment, wildlife and tourism.

Marco Island visitor Hugh Sutherland says, “I’m on the the east coast of Florida, and they have problems and concerns about water that gets too low and develops algae, and basically isn’t nearly as desirable for tourism as they want it to be.”

So now, the push is on for a small dredging project, that so far, is supported by visitors and people who live nearby.

David Nolan, who lives in Marco, says, “It’s an area that’s changing. It’s a natural shoreline, so there’s movement in there, but there are things that can be done to support that.”

The Friends of Tigertail Beach say they don’t know the final cost yet but do say it wouldn’t be millions.

How the project would be funded is still up in the air, whether it be tourist taxes, local taxes, or something else.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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