Dog in the hospital after pit bull in North Fort Myers mauls him

A dog owner said his pup, Max, is in the hospital after another dog in his North Fort Myers neighborhood got loose and went on the attack.

Ronnie Hardin is used to having his 3-year-old terrier sleep next to him on the couch. But on Tuesday night, his best friend is in the hospital.

“I’m 70 years old,” Hardin said. “My kids are all grown. This is our kid.”

Hardin told WINK News his wife took Max for a walk when a neighbors pit bull became loose and came charging at them.

Other dog owners said this is not the first time that neighbor’s dog has wandered their streets without leashes.

The owner said the attack was an accident.

“I got a gate,” he said. “I mean he digs holes under the gate.”

Tonight, the pit bull is at his owner’s home. However, both of the dog owners will have a follow-up visit from investigators soon.

Meanwhile, Hardin is not blaming the other dog who hurt Max.

“If you don’t interact with your animals,” Hardin said, “they’re going to go bad on ya.”

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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