Facebook posts show suspicious gun cases for sale out of Cape Coral

You can find most things for sale on Facebook these days. And one thing for sale but against the rules of the social media platform are guns. We looked into why firearms are posted for sale on social media platforms and how sellers get around the rules in place to stop these types of online sales.

A concerned viewer sent us a links to Facebook posts listed in Cape Coral that show suspicious posts for assault rifle gun cases via the social media platform Saturday.

“Common sense would tell you … used gun case normally not going to cost you six or $700 or two or $300,” said a viewer, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation

Gun cases listed on Facebook out of Cape Coral show suspicious names and prices for related products. Credit: Facebook listing images via WINK News.

While most people look to brick-and-mortar gun shops to buy guns, sellers have been turning to social media as the host for their gun sales. And in 2016, Facebook banned the individual sale of firearms on its platform.

Since the ban, some are worried that posts advertising gun cases or boxes at inflated prices are actually gun sales in disguise.

The concerned viewer noticed the trend locally and sent us the for-sale posts of suspect gun cases.

“They could get in the hands of kids, convicted felons, people that aren’t supposed to own guns,” the viewer said. “You’re not going through a legitimate company or a gun store and filling out proper paperwork to get a gun.”

A Facebook spokesperson told WINK News it takes immediate action if it catches any user selling guns through Facebook.

The viewer told us they contacted Cape Coral Police Department about the potential gun listings, and we also reached out to CCPD but have not received a response.

WINK News Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko said the system isn’t perfect, but illegal sales of guns online are not ignored by law enforcement agencies.

“There are various agencies that are doing what they can to prevent this,” Kolko said. “It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen sometimes, but there are certainly investigations that will take place.”

But the viewer said they need more peace of mind.

“Please don’t put your firearm out to the public where we can have kids carrying guns at school or these mass shootings that we’re seeing out in the world,” the viewer said. 

Reporter:Sydney Persing
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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