Woman arrested for drug trafficking had fentanyl delivered by mail

Enough fentanyl to kill half a million people was making its way through the mail in Lee County before it was recovered by law enforcement.

Just a few hundred feet from a Lehigh Acres neighborhood with three churches, children, families and a local school is where a package of 1.6 kilograms of fentanyl was set to be delivered to a home. But authorities discovered the drugs at a Lee County mail facility first, so they delivered it themselves.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, deputies found a package of fentanyl was to be delivered to 43-year-old Stasia Lynn Bolitho’s home in Lehigh Acres, so they brought it to her home and staked out her place. Bolitho was seen retrieving the package. She then took it into a car and drove off. Law enforcement officers followed her and stopped her in the car and arrested her.

“It doesn’t take much to kill a bunch of people,” neighbor Michael Kenny said.

And Kenny can’t believe Bolitho is out of jail after the delivery of deadly drugs ended up on her doorstep.

“It’s like that stuff doesn’t happen here,” Kenny said. ”It’s horrible.”

After the discovery at the sorting center, detectives staked out her home and caught Bolitho red handed.

“I’m not a dummy, and when there’s traffic at midnight one o’clock in the morning, the doors open, people outside,” Kenny said.

Neighbors hope there are no more deliveries like this one in their neighborhood.

“I hope they keep getting rid of people like that because it’s a good neighborhood,” Kenny said.

Bolitho faces charges for Drug Trafficking and Opium Or Derivative Distribution (Within 1,000 feet of a Place of Worship, Business or School).

Bolitho posted $30,000 bond and is due in court in October.

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Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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