How to protect yourself from a carjacking

Would you know what to do if someone tried to carjack you?

Fort Myers Police Department says the driver of an SUV was at the intersection of Colonial Boulevard and Six Mile Cypress on Tuesday, when the crook fired a gun and ordered the driver out.

So how do you protect yourself? And most importantly, survive a situation like that?

Technology has made cars harder to steal, so carjacking is a way for criminals to get your vehicle.

As the case on Tuesday, there’s a gun, you really can’t take any chances – you get out.

But what if you have a child in the backseat? Then what do you do?

Quickly tell the crook they can have the car, but you are taking your child. In reality, they don’t want the child and will likely let you grab your kid.

Here’s some tips on what to do, so you’re in a better situation if it does happen:

  • While at an ATM, keep your vehicle in drive, not in park.
  • Back into parking spaces so it’s easier to see and get away.
  • Try not to be on your phone. You lose situational awareness and can’t see someone approaching. You want to be alert so you can get away.

A carjacking doesn’t always involve a gun and it’s all about getting you out of your car.

One way criminals do that is the bumper tap. When you get out to check the damage, someone jumps in your car and drives off. If you suspect anything, drive to the police station or a crowded area before you get out of your car.

Another trick from crooks is putting a 20 dollar bill under your wiper. You get out to grab it, your car is taken.

Stay alert, stay safe,

Reporter:Rich Kolko
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