Getting your teen to cut the vaping habit

Following the death of 6 people plus many others sick, the CDC is sending out a message to anyone vaping, “quit vaping now!”

The vaping epidemic is becoming so big that President Trump is getting involved to change policy.

Hundreds of cases across the United States have made headlines, but doctors say they still need more research to understand the effects of vaping.

WINK News spoke with one 18-year old who started vaping when she was 14, she said the potential health risks don’t worry her.

“I don’t think it does just because I know the risks of doing something that hasn’t been around long enough for me to know the actual effects of it I kind of just take the rest with what I’m doing as it is it doesn’t really bother me,” Fallon Cavanaugh said.

Cavanaugh says she’s not addicted and could quit at any moment, if she was ready. Doctors WINK News spoke to say people aren’t as lucky and have a hard time kicking the addiction.

One pulmonologist tells us, if no nicotine is involved, parents can use behavioral methods to help their child quit. Thing like counseling, changing their friends group, and closer parenting.

But if nicotine is a factor, it’s harder because that involves psychology side effects. Doctors recommend weening the teen slowly off it, or even sometimes using things like nicotine patches or gum.

Regardless, doctors say anything you’re inhaling that is chemical base is not healthy.

Vape shops, however have a different perspective, “vaping has been around for over a decade there have been no death link to regular vaping that has been for around for a long time,” said Zen Keely, from King of Vapes store.

For more information on how to cut the unhealthy habit, you can visit the Tobacco Free Florida website here.

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