Behavioral examinations will be used to decide if Adam Soules can stand trial

No decision was made today, but the behavioral examinations presented is what will ultimately be used to decide whether or not Adam Soules is competent to stand trial.

Soules is accused of stabbing and killing Fort Myers Beach Library Director Leroy Hommerding who was murdered outside the library where he worked.

On Friday, Soules appeared in court looking attentive as several medical professionals presented their findings from his behavioral examinations.

“Just observing his clinical presentation, taking note of what his mood is, how he communicates with me,” said psychologist Keegan Culver.

All say Soules showed signs of delusional thinking and had an odd fascination with Jesus Christ.

“What he was referring to is the idea that Jesus uses people as vessels to carry out nefarious activities,” said psychologist Paul Kling.

That fascination lead to why Soules believes killing Hommerding was an act of self defense and that Hommerding is still alive.

“He doesn’t even think that the individual is deceased,” said Culver. “…he believes the individual was persecuting him because he is an agent of Jesus Christ, and that he, Mr. Soules, is actually the true victim in this case.”

Also brought up in court Friday were two other incidents involving Soules’ attorney and another inmate in which Soules stated he believed they were also taken over by Jesus Christ.

Discussions on Soules’ competency will resume Monday.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Briana Harvath
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