Victim’s brother takes the stand in day two of Shayden Colvin hit-and-run death trial

For the second time, a family describes the painful moments they found out a car hit and killed 13-year-old Shayden Colvin while he was on his bicycle.

Pedro Silva-Diaz, 34, stands trial for his death for a second time after an initial mistrial.
Shayden’s older brother took the stand on day two of the trial Wednesday.

The Colvin family sat in their usual place in the courtroom, with pictures of Shayden behind them.

The family of defendant Silva-Diaz was also there, seated behind the defense table.

They all watched as Shayden’s older brother Parker took the stand.

The prosecutor asked him to identify the bike Shayden was riding when he died.

Parker said, “He rode that bike every day. That’s the bike I carried away from the scene of the accident.”

Then the state moved on to the surveillance videos.

After the first trial, defense attorney Lee Hollander accused the state of cherry-picking portions of these videos and not providing complete videos to the defense.

Mara Marzano, with the prosecution, claimed, “Mr. Hollander is trying to suggest that I have done something wrong. I am asking for you to allow me to show them the full videos.”

The state relied on timestamps to argue the other cars passing near the intersection could not have hit Shayden, that according to timing, it had to have been Silva-Diaz.

“Those cameras are designed to capture ambient light, street lights and make it look brighter than it really is,” Hollander added.

Writer:Derrick Shaw
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