Lee County Port Authority officer reunites family members from across the world

Among the hustle and bustle at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), Lee County Port Authority Officer Sean Adams has met some interesting people, like Ben Carson.

But there’s one man he won’t ever forget.

“I was working in the terminal, and we got called to the JetBlue ticket counter for a possible irritate, belligerent person,” Adams said.

That’s where he met John from Germany.

“He spoke almost no English,” Adams said. “He didn’t have any luggage. I was trying to figure out who he was flying with, any tickets or anything.”

John was lost, alone, and suffering from a mental health episode.

The patient Port Authority officer spent hours trying to figure out where John was supposed to be.

“How would I feel if …  a family member was going through a mental problem and booked it to another continent that I had never been too? They don’t speak the language and nobody knows where they are,” he said.

John was eventually taken to a hospital.

A week later, Officer Adams got in touch with his daughter, who flew from Germany to Southwest Florida to find her father.

“We checked her into a hotel and drove around finding where he went,” Adams said. “He said I remember you. Thank you so much for everything. He remembered everything that happened. He just wasn’t in control.”

Reuniting families, from across the world is what means the most to Adams, “Even if it’s something small or something major, it’s nice just to be able to help people.”

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Derrick Shaw
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