Watching one of several areas in the tropics near the peak of hurricane season

Tuesday is the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and right now we’re heating up with several areas of interest to track.

First, let’s highlight an area you WON’T have to worry about, Tropical Storm Gabrielle. The storm will be moving into the North Atlantic and then eventually become extratropical later this week.

Tropical Satellite Fly. Photo via WINK News

Tropical wave Invest 94L, located between the Leeward Islands and Africa, actually has had odds lower to 30% for potential development the past few days. Still will be monitored for any changes as it moves west this week.

A disturbance north of Hispaniola with disorganized showers and storms will be approaching the Bahamas and potentially Florida by late week into the weekend.

Regardless it will help to bump rain chances with scattered showers and storms thanks to a lot of tropical moisture. Tropical development is possible *IF* it can get better organized and benefit from better ingredients down the road. Odds for development right now are at 20%, which are always subject to change.

Our final area is leaving Africa and about to begin its long journey across the Atlantic. Both the American and European model hint at the potential for development over the next week, but thankfully we have plenty of time to watch it.

It wouldn’t be near, or just north, of the Lesser Antilles until Sunday into Monday if it develops. WINK, the Weather Authority, will continue to keep you updated in the days ahead!

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