SWFL pilots return after delivering supplies to Bahamas, plan to go back

A group of Southwest Florida pilots just returned from a relief mission to the Bahamas. They say they are not done delivering help to the devastated islands.

At the crack of dawn Thursday morning, Mark Steinberg took to the skies to bring relief into the Bahamas. Friday, he shared his experience.

“Helicopters that were constantly shuttling material out and bringing survivors in,” he said.

Steinberg marveled at the coordination of the relief effort. On one hand, getting much needed supplies to people. On the other, getting those who need medical care to doctors.

“One gentleman with two broken legs, they were looking for medication…thinking about that, those legs were probably broken from the initial hurricane several days ago,” said Steinberg.

But he says despite the tragedy, everyone, even those who lost everything, seemed determined and optimistic.

“They had a lot of faith and they were devout in their faith that things eventually will come back for them,” he said.

Another pilot, Matias Barbero, said, “We waited on the ramp for almost five hours, six hours, until we had to call it a night.”

The urgent call for help created an overwhelming response.

So Barbero stayed in Nassau overnight giving him a chance to meet some of the locals.

“The Bahamians we run into they’re super thankful that we’re there doing something to help out,” he said.

Barbero and Steinberg agree: When disaster strikes, Southwest Florida comes together in full force. And they’re proud to have the chance to help.

There are plenty of supplies that have been collected and are still to be delivered.
These pilots said they’ll continue bringing aid to the Bahamas for as long as it takes.

You can bring them your supplies at Page Field until Sunday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Briana Harvath
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