Drug prices are ‘unconscionable.’ Rep. Rooney works to change that

The cost of prescription drugs is forcing Floridians to go without food, ration their medicine and find other ways to stay healthy.

Congressman Francis Rooney is talking about the cost of prescription drugs in America. He said that since Europeans are better negotiators with insurance companies, they pay less than Americans for their prescription drugs.

Rooney is right. Americans spend an average of $1,200 per person each year. No other developed nation pays that much for RX drugs, which is something Rooney said is unconscionable. The congressman is doing something about it.

“I’ve got one bill to require the disclosure of any price increase,” Rooney said. “Another bill to require publishing of list prices of drugs. President [Donald] Trump is for both of those.”

It is an idea Dr. John Andronaco supports. Dr. Andronaco is an orthopedic surgeon and knows first hand how costly life-saving medication can be.

“When possible,” Dr. Andronaco says to his patients, “ask your physician for generic drugs.”

Dr. Andronaco has an issue with one idea for Florida. The plan to import more Canadian drugs, which are less expensive across the border. He said that importing drugs from overseas is not the answer, citing quality control.

However, he told WINK News he is glad leaders are working on solutions, which includes Congressman Rooney who said he is not giving up.

“I’m trying my best,” Rooney said, “as are Republican and Democratic co-sponsors of these bills.”

Writer:Michael Mora
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