Naples man heartbroken as brother tries to survive in Dorian’s wreckage

People in Southwest Florida are desperate to talk to their loved ones in the Bahamas. Among them, one man’s younger brother is still there and is sick. He started having seizures during the powerful hurricane.

Days are feeling longer, waiting to hear if loved ones survived the devastation brought by Hurricane Dorian. Jaz Jeanty finally received a text Wednesday morning.

“I got a bad text message this morning referring to my little brother back home,” Jeanty said. “Heard he had a seizure and he’s in the hospital, but they don’t know if he’s okay.”

The girlfriend of his little brother did not bring the news he hoped in the text message. She told Jeanty his brother, 20 years old, had a seizure while Dorian was wrecking havoc on the island.

Right now, his family is waiting for updates. To make matters worse, they have lost contact with his girlfriend. Jeanty said he wants something that would put a smile on his face.

“Something that will help me sleep at night,” Jeanty said.

Knowing that it could be days, weeks or even longer before communication is restored, Jeanty wants to know his family is safe and alive.

“If it’s God’s plans,” Jeanty said, “I’ll be able to travel and see if I could navigate to him somehow, someway.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
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