Sea turtle hatchlings (CBSMiami)
Sea turtle hatchlings (CBSMiami)

Hurricane Dorian’s winds to impact sea life, Florida’s coast

Even if Hurricane Dorian does not directly impact Florida, its strong winds could significantly damage our coastline.

Experts predict Dorian’s strength will cause beach erosion and loss of habitat for sea turtles.

Jackie Kingston, the founder of Sea Turtle Adventures, is hard at work in West Palm Beach to protect the more than 270 turtles she says are left. She predicts they will lose about half of the hatchlings after the storm.

“We’re already starting to see the water come up. We’re already starting to lose some of our nestings,” she said.

The group will be surveying the coastline today and then again after the storm passes, to evaluate the after-effects.

Writer:WINK News
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