Hendry Regional Medical Center issues ‘code brown’ before Dorian arrives

There are signs of Hurricane Dorian‘s potential arrival in Hendry County. The regional medical center in Clewiston is now boarding up ahead of the ferocious storm.

The last time the windows were boarded up at the Hendry Regional Medical Center was before Hurricane Irma. It issued a code brown earlier Monday. People living in Hendry County told WINK News it is a good thing the hospital is taking the necessary steps to keep them safe.

Verdie Gill, who lives in Hendry County, is no stranger to tropical weather. Gill said she lived through these powerful hurricanes before they were given names. She does not plan to evacuate.

The staff at the medical center is there, ready for whatever destruction Dorian may cause. R.D. Williams, who works at the medical center, said it had issued the code brown because of potential impacts. Therefore, staff must be ready should the winds become any stronger.

“If you have a problem,” Williams said, “we’ll be able to take care of you.”

That statement is a message Gill said she is glad to hear.

“You can’t outrun one,” Gill said. “If it’s going to hit you, it’s going to hit you!”

The hospital reminds everyone that it is not an “essential needs” shelter. Those with special needs, like oxygen tanks, wheelchairs or dialysis, must pre-register with Hendry County Emergency Management.

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