Hotels in Collier County expect to be booked for Dorian

Hotels across Southwest Florida are preparing to receive those evacuating from the east coast of the state to escape impacts from Hurricane Dorian.

Hotels off I-75 in Collier County said they are getting lots of guests calling from the east coast, and rooms are filling up fast. Many people will be making their way to Southwest Florida, and many hotels expect to be full Monday and stay full through Wednesday.

“This weekend has been a roller coaster of a ride,” said Marco Perry at LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort.

It’s, of course, all thanks to Dorian.

“Going into Labor Day weekend, we definitely expected a full house,” said Victor Tuparov at Inn on the 5th.

Previous cancellations are turning into reservations.

“Especially today with the storm intensifying to a Category 5, we’ve seen a bigger influx of calls just today,” Tuparov said.

People on the east coast are seeking safer conditions in Southwest Florida. Inn on the 5th and other hotels are doing away with cancellation fees during this time.

“We decided in a time like this, it’s not really fair to charge people for something that’s so unpredictable and out of control,” Tuparov said.

These businesses continue to hope for a turn in the storm while also working for a turn in profit. Still, those in the business say it’s not about the money at this point.

“What we’re just kind of focusing on is ensuring all the guests are feeling relaxed and stress free especially those with families,” Perry said.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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