SWFL residents left with hurricane fatigue, no longer under Dorian’s cone

Many of you have spent a lot of time, money and energy to prepare for Hurricane Dorian, only to see Southwest Florida spared from the forecast cone.

Chances are you waited in line at some point this week, whether that be at a supermarket buying cases of water or a gas station to fill the tank of your vehicle.

It is correct to feel like we have been tracking Dorian for a long time. Dorian got its name six days ago.

When WINK News spoke to some people in Southwest Florida, they had different opinions on how their hurricane fatigue will affect their preparations for the next significant storm.

One person, Michael Phelps, said the same thing would happen again.

“We’ve been prepared since we moved here,” Phelps said. “We always rotate like five cases of water in the garage and we always have enough Gatorade and extra tank for the grill. So I think we’ll be all right.”

Sabrina Kelly-Cobbs said she bought the essentials.

“We went out and bought all kind of snacks,” Kelly-Cobbs said. “A million dollars worth of snacks! And I bought 10 cases of water.”

With her birthday falling on Tuesday, Kelly-Cobbs is happy she will not feel the after-effects of Dorian.

But people told us, including Kelly-Cobbs, they are still closely watching where Dorian goes. If the latest tracking for Dorian changes at all, they said they are ready.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
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