Protect your property: Documenting your belongings ahead of a storm

While preparing for Dorian, you may put off thinking about insurance. But to make sure you’re covered later, you’ll want to document everything now.

Naples residents Ernie and Kathryn Padalino aren’t taking any chances with Dorian.

“I don’t think you could ever prepare enough,” said Ernie Padalino.

They’re documenting every inch of their property.

“We took photos of everything we did since we just remodeled, which was important…of course, content as well,” he said.

Shannon Morgan of Prestige Insurance says taking photos or video is quick and easy to do at any point before the storm.

“Pretty much everyone has a smartphone that can take photos. Doesn’t cost you anything and in a matter of 20-30 minutes you can go through every part of your house, open your drawers, make commentary about what you’re looking at,” she said.

And be thorough, going outside and inside the home. And not just the big stuff like TVs, furniture and major appliances; Go into all rooms to document things like pricey, small appliances or tools in the garage.

One of her most important pieces of advice: Don’t forget the closet.

“Most people have more money invested in clothing, purses and shoes than they probably do in their TV sets, so they have a tendency to forget how much those small items can add up pretty quickly,” said Morgan.

For big ticket items, Morgan says keep those receipts and write down or record as much detail as you can about everything else.

Writer:Briana Harvath
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