People on east coast Florida prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Those living on the east coast of Florida are preparing for Hurricane Dorian, which could make landfall as a category three storm.

Our crew visited Palm Beach County, where the City of Delray Beach handed out tarps and sandbags Friday morning.

People showed up in large numbers and waited in line for hours to receive these resources ahead of the storm. Gas stations lines are also long, and grocery stores are busy with people gathering supplies for the storm.

Many shops are boarded up in Palm Beach County. People on the east coast are not waiting to prepare for Dorian.

North Palm Beach, Chris Sinclair waited in a long line to fil his family’s car.

“Everybody’s kind of freaking out,” Sinclair said.

Just a few gas pumps away, contractor Aaron Chandler received a helping hand filling up gas can he will use after the storm.

“We have four generators that we use to clean everybody up, clear everybody out,” Chandler said.

But like here in Southwest Florida, many gas stations in the area are out of gas as time to search for supplies winds down.

“It’s controlled chaos if you will,” Chandler said.

Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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