Humane Society Naples takes in dogs roaming the beaches of Puerto Rico

The Humane Society Naples just took in more than two dozen animals from Puerto Rico to protect them from Hurricane Dorian.

Among those animals are Milly and Molly. The pair are two of the 29 new dogs at the Humane Society Naples that came from Puerto Rico.

Jonathan Foerster, who works for the Humane Society Naples, said these animals would not have access to a shelter in Puerto Rico.

One of the dogs taken in by the non-profit. (Credit: WINK News)
One of the dogs taken in by the non-profit. (Credit: WINK News)

“Whatever weather is coming to Puerto Rico,” Foerster said, “they would’ve been impacted by that directly.”

The animals came from the group, All Sato Rescue, which is in Puerto Rico and rescues animals off beaches. The dogs are now in Naples. All of the animals are different breeds and range from ages 4 months to 7-years-old.

Foerster spoke with the group and offered to help.

“We didn’t want those dogs to be on the beach when another storm came through,” Foerster said.

Over the last five or six years, the non-profit has taken in 750 animals from All Sato Rescue alone. Annually, it takes in 3,000 animals.

“We’re bringing them in from places where they might be euthanized otherwise,” Foerster said. “It’s important for Puerto Rico because there’s lots of dogs there. They need help controlling that population.”

All the dogs are in the process of having medical and behavioral evaluations. Then, the animals will be up for adoption as soon as this weekend – weather permitting. The shelter said they are always in need of volunteers and people to take home these friendly pets.

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