Disney World. (Credit: CBS News)
Disney World. (Credit: CBS News)

Florida theme park policies to know during a hurricane

WTSP reports the hurricane and bad weather policies for Central Florida’s theme parks.

Walt Disney World

If a hurricane warning is issued within seven days of arrival, you can call ahead to cancel or reschedule your vacation package without any fees. This policy only applies to packages and room reservations booked directly with Disney.

When Disney World closed for Hurricane Irma, it was only the fifth time the park had closed since it opened in 1971.

Disney’s hurricane policy.

Universal Orlando Resort

Similar to Disney, if a hurricane or tropical storm warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center or a state of emergency is declared, you can call to cancel or reschedule your vacation package or tickets booked through Universal.

Universal Orlando’s hurricane policy.

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island

SeaWorld parks, including Busch Gardens in Tampa, have a policy that let you reschedule or get a refund on vacation packages or park tickets if a named tropical storm or hurricane approaches Orlando, Tampa or a guest’s hometown.

The policy is for tickets and packages booked through SeaWorld Vacations, Busch Gardens Vacations,,,, or the call center.


If the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning for Central Florida or a guest’s hometown within seven days of your arrival, you can reschedule or cancel your vacation package and tickets.

This policy applies for tickets, water park tickets, hotel and Beach Retreat reservations booked through Legoland Florida or Legoland Vacations.

Legoland’s hurricane policy.

Author: WTSP
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