Hurricane Dorian sparks new fears of flooding in Bonita Springs

Right now, Hurricane Dorian is sparking new fears of flooding. Neighbors remember how devastating it was nearly two years ago during Hurricane Irma.

People who live in Bonita Springs told WINK News they are nervous about high water damaging their home again. Neighbors said a nearby river is already high.

Homeowners who live off Dean St. said they had to walk through knee-deep water during Hurricane Irma. Some people are still doing repairs from that storm.

“We would park the truck all the way at the end of the road, load our TVs, electronics and whatnot on our paddleboards and then hall them back to the truck,” John Brunemann said. “This area has been plagued since ’95, when we had a couple of tropical storms come in which kind of makes us a little worried.”

We talked to a realtor who said some people would not be able to close on their homes in the area. It is due to some insurance companies stopping from writing policies all together due to Hurricane Dorian.

“They don’t want to take the risk of insuring something that could potentially be damaged or destroyed,” said Annie Richards, a realtor, “if the storm were to come our way.”

Richards told us to read through your policy and have a copy of it if you are a homeowner. It is a good idea to take pictures of the inside and outside of your home, in case of damages.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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