Securing Charlotte County construction sites to prevent projectile materials

Charlotte County is taking no chances as Hurricane Dorian approaches Southwest Florida. It is asking all contractors to make sure no debris or other materials fly out of construction sites during the storm.

Thomas Pipher will not let the uncertainty of Hurricane Dorian keep him from planning for the unexpected. He is stocking up on water and non-perishable food.

But for construction sites, like one in Boca Grande, storm preparations are more complicated. Kale Dailey, a superintendent at Truex Preferred Construction, said the sites could be dangerous if not adequately prepared for the storm.

“Anything flying through could injure somebody,” Dailey said.

Charlotte County said building materials on construction sites could become windblown hazards. Dailey told WINK News his team started securing job sites around Southwest Florida earlier this week. The company does not want to be liable for its debris flying into windows and doors at nearby homes.

“If we can eliminate that,” Dailey added, “we’re ahead of the game.”

Charlotte County said contractors who do not secure their materials could face penalties or a fine if a state of emergency is issued.

Dailey’s crews have already removed work trailers from construction properties. It will spend the remainder of the week putting loose supplies indoors and strapping materials down. Also, it will not get any new deliveries to the job sites.

It is all to stay two steps ahead of Hurricane Dorian by preparing for worst-case scenarios.

“You have to just be cautious,” Dailey said, “but informed.”

Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:Michael Mora
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