Collier County residents are buying out supermarkets, retail stores

Many of you are not taking chances. You are getting ready for anything. One family was seen stuffing their car with water at the North Naples Publix.

On Wednesday, the stores were packed, including the North Naples Publix. But while it just closed, there was a steady stream of people inside and out of it all afternoon.

At the Pine Ridge and Airport Pulling Rd. Publix, gallons of water to whole cases, along with paper towels were popular items. Nearby at Home Depot, shelves once holding batteries became barren. Plenty of people made a visit to Walmart, leaving well equipped before the incoming hurricane.

Kevin Lasusa, who recently moved to Naples, picked up the essentials for himself and a furry friend.

“I’m prepared for anything,” Lasusa said. “I have some food. What’s necessary, some batteries, flashlight. What’s necessary for me and my dog”

Craig Press, also living in Naples, grabbed some easy items to make.

“Got some water, soup, prepared meals,” Press said.

Collier County is also getting prepared. But it still needs your help. The Public Utilities Department said crews will go around. They will check inlets and swales around county roads.

Homeowners, if you have swales in front of your residence, clean out the debris to keep the drainage system from getting backed up.

The county said they are prepared for any flooding – if we see it.

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