Cape Coral residents react to trash collection price increase

More money for a company that’s caused headache after headache. Waste Pro wants customers to fork over more cash for their services.

We’ve long told you about problems from neighbors in Cape Coral with their recycling and trash not getting picked up.

So people are asking: why should they give them any more cash?

While the answers vary, a number of people say they’ve had issues with Waste Pro.

Kevin Oart’s one of them. He disagrees with the nearly 2% increase. “Totally against it.”

He says his front yard has been overrun with trash for a month.

“They don’t pick up my garbage; I’ve had stuff sitting out for almost a month,” he said.

Last year, we profiled several complaints and issues with the company failing to pick up trash. Since then, the company appears to have cleaned up its act.

Joseph Pacheco says he has no complaints about Waste Pro, but hopes an increased fee will mean they serve everyone equally.

“Other residents are saying that they are having complaints, and [an] increase in taxes should come with a job well done, not a poor job done,” he said.

Kirk Cramer says he’s happy with their service but uncertain about the increase. “We have to go back and see if it’s worth the increase they’re asking us to pay, so it’ll be determined later on.”

But most agree, if it improves service, they’re willing to pay.

“It’s only a couple of bucks and if it’s to make the community better and to get a better quality out of Waste Pro, I don’t see anything wrong with that for a couple of bucks,” said Cape Coral resident Richard Ingram.

Reporter:Nicole Gabe
Writer:Briana Harvath
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