More of a say in Cape Coral speed limits

To give residents of Cape Coral more of a voice when it comes to cars racing through your neighborhood, the city will change a law that has been in place for just a few days.

Speeding in residential areas is a huge safety issue, and the goal of this change is to control the speed limit in those areas.

Previously if there was any complaints, they would have to make them through the city manager, but now they will go straight to council, which gives the people more of a voice.

If this process were to go to the city manager, a study would have to be done, which would then determine if the speed limit should be altered.

That’s what the mayor says  they are looking to prevent from happening with this change. The mayor stressed lower speed limits help keep our community and the children safe, but only if drivers follow those posted speed limits.

He says the key to success with this is by making sure those speed limits are enforced.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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