Cape Coral no fertilizer signs replaced after deemed ‘misleading’

Driving into Cape Coral, there’s a big message this rainy season: No nitrogen or phosphorous fertilizer from June 1 to Sept. 30.

Rich McGinnis says he remembers last year’s algae emergency and thinks the ban is a good idea, however, “I think they’re wasting their time with the signs.”

The signs on the Midpoint Bridge and Del Prado overpass are a second go-around for Southwest Florida’s largest city.

“It just simply stated that there was just no fertilizer during this time period. And I guess that was being misinterpreted,” said Mayor Joe Coviello.

Coviello said some lawn and pest control companies complained of cancellations when the original signs didn’t specify the types of off-limit fertilizers.

“Residents were thinking no applications to the lawns could be done at all,” he said. “And that’s not correct because there are applications during that time frame to lawns that have nothing to do with fertilizer.”

In an email to the City Manager’s Office on Aug. 2, Coviello called the original signs “misleading,” so the city took them down- then shelled out $250 each for two new signs.

“Why spend money on signs when they’re not going to permanent,” said McGinnis.

“I wanted to make sure that we had it right so we needed to add to that signage so it’s indicative and correct of the ordinance that we had on the books,” said Coviello.

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